Sunday, December 03, 2006

Quebec: Hip or Dip?

Since I've developed a terrible malaise that renders me incapable of writing anything meaningful, I've decided to play a new game with my hipster's apprentices: 'Hip or Dip?'
This is an occasional feature in which we will explore a place, issue or person to discern whether said entity is endowed with pure, concentrated hiptitude or is, in fact, just really dippy.
Case in point: Quebec. Yes, that Quebec. Now, before you get all knee-jerky on me and reply that nothing vaguely related to the French can be hip (except maybe being terrible at fighting), let me remind you that without Quebec there is no Montreal, and if you didn't already cognize this, lemme hit you with some more knowledge, Socrates: Montreal is hipper than your mama's eighth-grade greaser crush.
On the other hand, those crazy Quebecois (I don't care if it's spelled right) have begun to beat the drum of independence again, even managing to secure a symbolic nod from Canada's parliament. Which, frankly, requires a lot more energy than any true hipster would be willing to dedicate.
But then again... Let me rest my case for Quebec's ultimate hipness on this clip of a longer comedy skit showing up on Canadian TV stations. What's going on there, you ask? Apparently, that's our intrepid Great Decider and the Canadian Prime Minister, sharing a moment of political solidarity in a tent meant to remind you of a certain 2005 Oscar-winning cowboy flick. That polite gentleman at the tent door who excuses himself in French? That would be the Quebec independence party's big cheese.
Wait. You mean there's a politician up there who's willing to publicly spoof himself, his boss and our own commander in chief?
Hipness, thy name is Quebec.

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Mary Leslie said...

I love your 'blog! I always enjoy reading it. Satirical brilliance, thy name is Hipster.