Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Obligatory Britney/K-Fed Blog Post!

One of my dear readers recently pointed out the lack of coverage of a certain Toxic pop songstress's recent decision to nix her nuptials... I speak, of course, of the Gulf Coast's own Brit Spears and her pirouetting trainwreck of a "baby daddy," Kevin "I wanna be a singer too!" Federline.
This is a subject near and dear to my heart, dear readers, since the Hipster had a good relationship go bad right last week, right around the same time K-Fed got served (with divorce papers, that is... which, apparently, you can send by text-message nowadays). Like the Federale, I, too, lost my focus on the important things while concentrating on career-building; like him, I played the dirtbag card in one too many hands; and like him, I took the promise of a Camelot life and turned it into camel-flop.
But I hope to finish strong and redeem myself to my betrothed. Likewise, now is the time for everyone's favorite backup-dancing divorcee to be strong, especially for his babies!
So to you, K-to-tha-F-E-D, I say: Hang in there, big guy; whip out that tweed Kangol grandpa hat and that favorite sweat-stained tanktop. Take a walk outside the Speaderline compound and breathe in that crisp Malibu air. Get a great big tribute tattoo for your lady.
How about her initials, nice and big on you someplace?
(Think about it for a minute. It'll start to make sense.)
Oh, and remember: Work ain't the whole big anthill. Family matters.
As does literacy, in your case.
And if that doesn't work, stuff yourself silly on some Pop Candy.

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Arnold said...

Just because I am a cyborg doesn't mean I'm fake.

Anonymous said...

ok hipster apparently you don't like my comments and will not publish them. I have several other things I'd like you to discuss about (besides of course, the frenzy of PS3).

a certain election this country just went through.

south africa's new law legalizing same-sex marriages.

south ossetia's independence referendum...?

beating the system by checking out books, even through inter-library loan, rather than spending hundreds of dollars for those bad boys for courses (I'll never forget freshmen year nearly 600 bux spent...and I know my sister hates the fact that her Accounting textbook cost was 200).

ta ta!-NINA

Arnold said...

To Anonymous NINA:

I will publish your comments - I jsut never got your comments. This is not the site - this is Adam Weinstein's blog - the person who I will see when California invades Florida. If you'd like to talk to me, or hear mespeak on the issues that are in your head, go to my site. Over there, I speak on many things. In particular I speak about not being anonymous.

Anonymous said...

p.s. it was my mistake. I only previewed and did not publish. lo siento-la NINA