Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hipster 2.0 is here.

So, I've decided to convert this blog into a weird-news blog because - well, frankly, there is no because. I've got the space. You, apparently have the time on your hands. So let's make fun of some sick, sad, stupid people together.

Where to start? Oh, so many choices. How about...

Gift horse surprises girl after pony mutilation
(This, by the way? Not at all funny, and weird only in a disturbing way. But you know what? I'm still gonna laugh at that headline for days to come. Sue me.)

Or here?
Ham-flavored soda!?
(Well. At least it isn't horse-flavored. Or pony...)

No, no. Definitely here.
Priest accused of stalking Conan O'Brian fit for trial
(Priest to judge: "He's how old? With that hair? My God, your honor, I'm sorry - he didn't look a day over 15!")

More to follow when I'm feeling weird. So, in other words, soon.

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