Friday, October 13, 2006

Pop! Goes the Hipster

     Hey, you. Yes, you.

     Are you hip? Do peers desperately seek out your opinion before buying the new Panic! at the Disco album, or a ninety-dollar Don Ed Hardy t-shirt with the rhinestone-studded snake tattoo monogram?

     Either way, I've got a secret to tell you: You can always be more hip.

     And that's where I come in. My father always told me that ninety percent of any job is holding people's hands. and I, dear reader, have come to hold your hand and teach you to be Bohemian by the numbers.

     Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit. I might be just another prematurely-balding grad student in his twenties who reads The Hipster Handbook, listens to indie rock on WVFS  and thinks he knows pop culture from a hole in the wall. But for those of you who missed my column a few months back, this town is chock full of pop rocks and hip nuggets of gold. And you deserve a place in the blogosphere that polishes them down for you.

     So what's fair game in the world of the Hungry Hungry Hipster? Heck, what isn't? In the coming weeks, I will ruminate on the sights and sounds of Gaines Street, Railroad Square, Lake Ella, and maybe even Tennessee Street. I'll talk tattoos, music, cinema, lowbrow art and belly dancing, always dishing out the Big Bend's heaping helpings of each for you. And I'll occasionally fry bigger fish, like reality TV, the iPod revolution, and why we're all still upset at Facebook and YouTube.

     We might even explore the problems that come with being tragically hip, like: staying authentic and not "selling out"; spending a lot to look cheap; deciding if it's okay to work at Starbucks, Hot Topic, or All Saints forever; and determining whether metalhead dudes are permitted to date rockabilly chicks.

     However, folks, I'll need your help. I'm no evil hiptator, and I do not have perfect knowledge of Tallahassee's hiptastic splendor. So read on, and please PLEASE fill in the gaps with your postings or emails to me on local culture going "pop!"


The Hungry Hungry Hipster

P.S. Don't forget to check out USA Today online for your daily dose of Pop Candy. Whitney Matheson is my blog role model. Plus, she wears Chucks, so she must be cool.

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1 comment:

Miss Trashahassee said...

Don't be fergitten the hunkiest bohemians, the Hager Twins, but I thank they lives in Nashville not the bahamas

And oh! oh! Isaiah Moon! You know them? I dont